Client: Right after completing a diploma in Digital Marketing in DMI, I wanted to experiment with some of my newly acquired knowledge. After designing the World Cup Free Pubs maps (more on that below), I wrote and implemented a social content and distribution strategy to get them in front of football-phobic eyes.

It took off far more than I expected. After posting my own blog on the eve of the World Cup and conducting some outreach, the maps landed on the Daily Edge with 35,000 views and over 500 social shares there alone. Other wins included Broadsheet and again (once a pub changed their mind), MSN, Today FM, LeCool Dublin and Yahoo! News.

The maps were discussed by Louise Duffy on Today FM and by the weekend I was on Dave Fanning’s show on 2FM talking pubs and football. Post-campaign analysis with Radian 6 tells me they were tweeted a total of 574 times reaching 4.9m Twitter users. But the real win was a framed Dublin map hanging behind the bar at The Long Hall for the duration of the tournament.

Design: Using each pub’s name and history as a starting point, thumbnails were sketched before being developed in more detail in illustrator. Each map uses its county colours and a distressed look used, so even though it was used online it would have more of a real-world look.